Welcome to A Private Conversation Wiki

This wiki is specifically so those of which who want to have a private conversation on the wiki network can, without fear of someone intruding on the conversation.


A list of our rules can be found here. Our most important rule, however, will be posted on the main page. That rule is:

Do not read someone else's conversation.

That removes the entire point of the 'Private' part of the title.

"What do I do here?"

This is a freeform wiki. You can do pretty much anything so long as you obey the rules.

"Who's in charge?"

You can find our Head of Command here.

"Who else can I go to?"

You can find out who has power here.

"How can I get on the staff team?"

You can see what it takes to be promoted and demoted here.

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  • Daedalus The Greatest Inventor

    This is a post about, well, obviously not a roleplay, but another book. Seems like the place is crawling with them. Hellfire is to be a new upcoming Dystopian Book series, about my philosophy I refus…

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  • Mr. Mark Twain

    The Halloween Ball

    October 31, 2015 by Mr. Mark Twain

    In the old haunted ballroom...

    Dr. Frankenstein helped his reanimated, hulking, groaning, shuffling namesake waltz with his bride. 

    In the old haunted dining room...

    The vampiric 'impaler' is wined upon…

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