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• 10/28/2015

The Misty shadows Roleplay

Hi Today this is the first Roleplay on the wiki amazing :P. Anyway this is a roleplay based a bit of a combination of my favourite games. This will pretty much be a mixture of tribal, warfare so expect a lot of killing. It is recommended that you make up to three Oc's for this RP incase one of your characters either get killed off or die of starvation. Starvation is a factor in the RP as well, so it is advised that your character knows how to Hunt or gather. Everything you have is made out of specific environment factors. You cannot teleport out of a location at all and doing so will be considered OP. Reproduction is a thing in the rp so expect some romance as well. You either can start in a tribe or by yourself

Long time ago the planet was baring and didn't contain much, until people were formed and started walking around the earth. But who will dominate the world and how will the world form with the new people fighting for control

Rules :

Be civil : No insulting, shouting, spamming or anything not civil.

Don't be OP: No Godmodding, puppeteering or anything related to that.

OC Singup :

Name : (Your character name)

Species : (Any species is allowed)

Gender :

Occupation : ( Hunter, Gatherer, warrior or farmer)

Appearance :

Personality :

Tribe or none :

I really hope you enjoy this RP and the story is made by you.

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• 11/4/2015

(This looks very interesting, small question, when you say be civil does that apply to in RP as well or just ooc)

• 11/19/2015

(Mostly when I say civil I mean in general, just be polite and don't be rude to others.)

• 11/19/2015


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