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• 5/9/2017

Wiki revival effort?

Simple thread simple title. Should those of us who are here attempt to get this wiki actually back up and running?
Things that could mean:

demoting inactive staff 'cause y'know
reworking the rules and shit
updating code
anything else suggested
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• 6/4/2016

Upcoming Changes

A very quick update to the few people who still come to this wiki. I'm going to be making some changes to the place because we're way too formal right now for what we are. So there'll be some changes to how it's run. I'm also going to see about making this a bigger community again. Like it was for a short time a while ago.
So the plans on the platter right now:

Collect the staff pages into one page [DONE!]
Change the staff levels [DONE!]
Redistribute user rights
Fix the Promotions and Demotions page
Fixy da rulies
Add some new fancy code hopefully! :D
Maybe change the theme?
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• 9/4/2015

I need pictures

So I've recently edited the front page of this wiki to make it... Well, a lot better in general.
As part of that update, I added a slider. Now, here's my one and only problem with this: I need pictures to go into the slider. Right now, all I have is a placeholder image.
So... To solve this, I'm asking all of you guys to either find or make images that would fit the three slides that are there.

Users' projects
And finally, this wiki.
These images need to be cropped to 673px x 410px.
Please upload your submissions and post them in the replies of this thread.
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